Sunday, December 21, 2014


One day a certain person was revealed about an oncoming event and the whole story found itself a place in the bible. Religion is nothing but utter distortion of information. One can rereveal its residual truths at a later time. Somehow this incident paved the way to the word ‘apocalypse’. Various people made various depictions of various versions of apocalypse. Maybe each of them only saw a fraction of it.

                                                                                                     HorizEn BreakeR

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HorizEn BreakR_Chapters

Here are the chapter names of my upcoming postmodern sci-fi action horror collective novel. Tell me your first impressions on them. Hope you’d enjoy them to the fullest. It will take some time till the book is released to the international audience.

Mutation I
Accident I
Sanity Control I
Insanity Incubation i
Eerie Errants I
Despair I
Hope I (/II)
Exodus Inverse I
Memoir I
Memoir II
Exodus Inverse I
Memento mori I
Not FPS I (/II)
Reality {(not)} Overlapped I
Reality {(not)} Disengaged I (/II)
Loop-out I
Error Correction I
Eerie and Hypnotic I
Sanctuary: Immāreal I
Recovering in the Hazardous I
Apocálypsis I
Cure for the Itch I
Transcendence I
Metamorphosis I
Shattered Horizon[S] I
Beginning I

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Governments are created to take over the lives of Human 1.0

Governments exist to use you. That’s what they are created for. People give their power to the government to control them because of their own spinelessness.

Understand this but don’t fight it. Just think like this: If these Human 1.0 or the general population is so crazed about giving up their control. If you apply the right methods you will also gain the ability to manipulate them and lead a better life with better comfort.

You can’t fix these worthless people but you can make them a valuable asset in your life instead of an annoyance.

Think about your humanity; Then go beyond that

 it is not contrary to the laws of physics that the personality of a dead person may attach itself to a living person, as in the case of so-called spirit possession. It wouldn’t require any basic change in orthodox theory, though it would “require a relaxing of the idea that physical and mental events occur only when paired together.”
Classical physical theory can only evade the problem, and classical physicists can only work to discredit intuition as a product of human confusion. Science should instead, recognize that the physical effects of consciousness as a physical problem that needs to be answered in dynamical terms.