Sunday, December 21, 2014


One day a certain person was revealed about an oncoming event and the whole story found itself a place in the bible. Religion is nothing but utter distortion of information. One can rereveal its residual truths at a later time. Somehow this incident paved the way to the word ‘apocalypse’. Various people made various depictions of various versions of apocalypse. Maybe each of them only saw a fraction of it.

                                                                                                     HorizEn BreakeR

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HorizEn BreakR_Chapters

Here are the chapter names of my upcoming postmodern sci-fi action horror collective novel. Tell me your first impressions on them. Hope you’d enjoy them to the fullest. It will take some time till the book is released to the international audience.

Mutation I
Accident I
Sanity Control I
Insanity Incubation i
Eerie Errants I
Despair I
Hope I (/II)
Exodus Inverse I
Memoir I
Memoir II
Exodus Inverse I
Memento mori I
Not FPS I (/II)
Reality {(not)} Overlapped I
Reality {(not)} Disengaged I (/II)
Loop-out I
Error Correction I
Eerie and Hypnotic I
Sanctuary: Immāreal I
Recovering in the Hazardous I
Apocálypsis I
Cure for the Itch I
Transcendence I
Metamorphosis I
Shattered Horizon[S] I
Beginning I

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Governments are created to take over the lives of Human 1.0

Governments exist to use you. That’s what they are created for. People give their power to the government to control them because of their own spinelessness.

Understand this but don’t fight it. Just think like this: If these Human 1.0 or the general population is so crazed about giving up their control. If you apply the right methods you will also gain the ability to manipulate them and lead a better life with better comfort.

You can’t fix these worthless people but you can make them a valuable asset in your life instead of an annoyance.

Think about your humanity; Then go beyond that

 it is not contrary to the laws of physics that the personality of a dead person may attach itself to a living person, as in the case of so-called spirit possession. It wouldn’t require any basic change in orthodox theory, though it would “require a relaxing of the idea that physical and mental events occur only when paired together.”
Classical physical theory can only evade the problem, and classical physicists can only work to discredit intuition as a product of human confusion. Science should instead, recognize that the physical effects of consciousness as a physical problem that needs to be answered in dynamical terms.

Monday, December 1, 2014

See the similarity...;

Mathematics is like games. It doesn't mean a shit and anything goes as long as it's processable though it seems to mean something.

Applied maths is like simulation games. It is supposed to be realistic but by definition, it is not the real thing.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


You are not alone as you think you are. Maybe you don’t have a single person to freely talk with. Maybe you only have 1-2 people that can actually understand you. But how many people do you meat in your surroundings. It’s few thousand people at best. Remember that the world has a population of 7 billion. If there is only 1 in a million that can understand you, you haven’t dealt with a million people. We live in a world full of devices that can connect people. You use them all the time. When you are with your smartphone, don’t’ waste your time with some dumb game like Temple Run. Scream out loud. If you don’t make a noise, nobody is gonna know that you are where you are. Say it loud. Spread your ideas. There are many YouTube stars became starts simply because they told the world who they are and what they feel. So spread your ideas and inside. Join communities and get together with friends who you can talk with. Go on a discussion and don’t miss the rants. Forget about who is right and think about what is right. Most importantly, share the noise you make. When I post something on my blog, virtually nobody sees it. But when I share it, I get loads of views and likes. So do something you feel like and spread them to create connections. Shake the world to its very core and find some peer catalysts who are hell bent on doing the same thing.

Friday, November 7, 2014

AUTOMATA Official Trailer (2014)

A must see movie. If you love sci-fi and cyberpunk, this is for you. I'm talking about the people who love Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, i,Robot and such movies. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest!

You are Born a........

I assert that your life has no purpose. I know it from my own personnel experiences. Acknowledging this fact can boost your life and it will give yourself a combo of quantum leaps. Remember the dialogue between Neo and Mr.Smith during Neodämmerung. Neo gets up regardless of the impossibilities against him. He has 0% chance of wining. But he had made his choice at his last encounter with Oracle (the allegory of rejecting the candy). Neo had his decision and Smith's absolute victory didn't matter.

Smith wins the battle. Neo had decided to remove Smith from the Matrix and he sticks to his decision with absolute resolve. Then it happens.That's what life is. You are the one who perceive reality. You can decide the range of things you pick up. The dreams and fantasies are the cheapest things in your life. They are all for free. They only require you to make those dreams and decision apart of your existence and to do that, all you have to do is giving up your present way of life. That is the price tag of a perfect life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Mighty 'Little Things'

This isn't some mindless crap about the power of the small ones. This is something that reach the fundamental levels of the things we do. A Homo Sepien is born. It lives and it spend most of its life doing a job merely for survival and one day it leaves the world. 50 years later, nobody knows that it even existed. Its very existence was a mere insignificant phenomena. "It" was completely worthless. Just some extra weight and destruction on mother nature.'s all about you handle things. For the puppeteers (illuminati and etc.) and the top 1% of the ladder, this worthlessness is an indispensable power source. They completely run on these insignificant existence.

A drop of water is near worthless. But those water drops is what makes the ocean. Loosing/missing one little thing/detail is insignificant. But when you lose a lot of them, it can mean disaster. Learn to pay attention to the little details. Some say that the devil is in the details; Pretty much of a true story. If you handle these little things correctly, you can surely be the devil/god....I call it being the chief.

Seth Lloyd on Programming the Universe

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Expanding Audiences

This is something you must do unless you want to be stuck in the same position for a huge long time. Many people want to do this but they are not very successful in it. Expanding your audience is very tricky and if you do it wrong, it can screw things up for you.

Everything has it's limit. There are gamers, readers, inventors, film makers, speakers, listeners and many more types of audiences. You have to pick yours and listen to that audience. This listing objective is also very elusive. Follow the links for more.

What most people forget is that there is already a good audience for their current product. There are people who want it super spicy. There are people who are craving for loads of cutscenes and complexity of Metal Gear. There are people who love to connect dots and figure out the movie on their own. There are people who are asking for something like Serial Experiments Lain. So what should you do?

Ever heard of DLCs and spinoffs. Ever heard about re-tellings? That's what you need to expand the audience. If you put your passion to it, you'll definitely create awesomeness. It will have its audience. To expand it, make different variations of it. Think about Pizza Hut. They make really good pizza. But the most important thing is that they make many different variations of pizza. I do blogging, but not in a single way. I have slickr-flikr as well as slickr-note. They are both about evolving you as well as myself. But the two blogs do it in different ways. This is the way of your expanding audience.

But always keep in mind that this isn't about pleasing everyone. It will make your work good for all but great/indispensable for none.

The Reality of Metal Gear Solid 2

Blog Promotion Tips

If you want to grow your blog, then it's critical that you take time to promote it. Unfortunately, the old theory, "if you build it, they will come," doesn't apply to blogs. With over one hundred million blogs being tracked by blog search engines such as Technorati.

publishing compelling content isn't enough to drive awareness and traffic for your blog. Instead, you need to invest in some old-fashioned sweat equity to give your blog a traffic boost.

  1. Comment on other blogs
  2. Frequent posting
  3. Online forums
  4. Social media
  5. Internal links
For more tips in detail, follow this link. Best of luck in transforming the world!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Be grateful - Be serious

Have you ever heard of yanderes? See those girls... that's what I'm talking about. Real life things are very very rare, but still you'd find a lot of softcore examples. Some people will come to with a smiley and will help you in all the ways. NEVER EVER take them lightly. Treat them as best as possible. Love and Hate are just 2 sides of the same coin and eventually, the same thing.

Don't take their feelings for granted. They are not toys or tools.They are the least expendable of all. Take everything seriously because they consider everything seriously. That's why they are always cool and smiling. That's why their expression is not dynamic. Get to know the people around you for what they are. Treat them as individuals. Be an individualist and support individuality.

Here are more tips about getting personal.

If you hurt someones feelings or disrupt the thought streams, you can't take it back. Sure you can patch things up. But why would you get so inefficient. If you want to get the best out of the people around you, treat them for who they are and treat them really well. Then they might even go psycho on your obstacle on their free will.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not a Math Test

Life is no math test.The math is just a tool. Windows or Android does not tell you how or what a OS is and should be. Those things are just the common interpretation. The ones who follow the patterns and abide the rules can be predicted using the stats and equations. 

But wait and think about the anomalies. Think about the celebrities and billionaires and world class creators. Their very existence seem irrational. But the real irrationality lies in the ones who trust in the math. Interpretations, commentaries and tools are for the ones who depend on them. But the truth is that nothing is real until you observe it. You have you mind and you can decide to observe the universe in the way you desire.

The important thing is not that. If you just to the above, you won't get a single thing. It'll be like expecting to win a race after stopping after taking the best start. You have to keep up and hold on to your decision. You must have your resolve. Some call this passion. This passion is what flip the script and let you re-write it in your own desired way. Don't be held back by the tools. Math is just some gadget you find along the way. You can be a creator. You can transcend all the stats. You can do something that the math won't ever explain. Then you can know yourself to be in the divine territory. Then the laws won't be in your concerns list cuz you'd be the law of your own life.

10 BIZARRE Diseases Science Can't Explain!

Do you think our healthcare is advance?

Do you think that all diseases can be explained?

DO you think of science as a savior?

Then think again. Science is nothing more than the most useful and the most popular religion on Earth.Science is a dogma. It doesn't have explanations for things that are not common. Scientists are like marketeers; they are just storytellers and they do it so damn right! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Catch your mind; if you can

        The mind of the past is ungraspable;
        the mind of the future is ungraspable;
        the mind of the present is ungraspable.

                                 -    Diamond Sutra

Don't take anyone's word. Just try it yourself. See whether you can actually get a hang of your thought streams. When you come across your consciousness, see whether it's static. See whether it give you some absolute bliss. I'm not talking about some relative crap. I'm talking about something that is absolute and can be known only through personal experiences. Then ask yourself whether this thought or whatever say something about your identity. Are those thoughts your identity or can you be much more than just that? Ask yourself these questions.

The mind of all times maybe ungraspable, but just having a bit of knowledge isn't gonna do anything great for you. You have to go beyond. To do that, you have to realize the nature of your mind by yourself. When you come to the understanding that your mind is ungraspable, you can transcend it. You can stay unaffected by your own mind. Mind controls everything in your life. When you are not controlled by your mind, you are absolutely free from all control. No omnipotence can screw you ever again.

Knowing People;as individuals

What is a woman? What is a man? If you have an image of what a man or woman is, you suck at human interactions. At least compared to me you suck. You will always fail to have the maximum efficiency when dealing with people with an image. When you have an image telling you this person is a student, a girl, a nurse, a CEO, a celebrity, a writer or whatever, you miss a very important point.

The entire Human 1.0 can be categorized into few models and can be controlled by puppeteers with a lot of ease. Microsoft knows inside out of the windows OS. They can mess with windows PCs as they like if they want to (which is not a good plan for them). But the thing is entire windows installed PC is unique. Take your smartphone and your friend’s smartphone with the same OS. Is it similar: Yes. But is it 100% similar: No. even for the same model, it isn't 100% similar. When you are using an iPhone you are not using an iPhone. You are using your iPhone.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ditch the vacation or ditch the job

Get serious about your work. Ask yourself how you’d spend the day if it is your last day. Follow those instincts. Don’t follow what society or religion or culture or whatever asks you to do. DO your own thinking. DO what you love. If you truly love your job you would only get away from your work when you are in an emergency. You need a holiday when you are sick. But you can’t be waiting for a holiday to take a break from your work. 

When you truly love something, you never feel tired or bored or frustrated as long as you don’t push yourself too hard. Steve Jobs loved his work more than anything. Mark Zuckerberg threw away his college life for Facebook. See where they are. They went there because they loved what they did. The starting steps are the hardest of all. When you are a billionaire nothing is a problem. But to go there, you have to go from nothing. Being a guy with some job is 1000 times easier than holding onto something you love with your life. But if you hold on long enough, the long term effects will be better than your most loved fantasies. 

Seth Godin: Thinking Backwards

True he is about marketing. But another truth is that when you know something right, you can apply it to anything. The tips given here are important for everyone. Bake your own noodle and think of ways to add these things to your life. It will help your success. Best of luck!!!

Ease and Efficiency: long version

Everybody wants to do everything in the easiest and the most efficient way (if they are not braindead). But many pseudo-smart people end up with the wrong choice. You have to look into the upcoming decades when you take a decision. You are not some dog who is gonna die in few years. You are gonna live long. SO when you think of ease or efficiency, look at the huge timeline. I personally think for at least the next 30 years before I take a decision.
 Just coming up with a plan to “deal” with the problem may seem easier if you are short sighted. But if you take 30-40 years into consideration, it’s the worst decision you can take. Twitter didn't work for 2 years. But the creators kept going and currently it is the 2nd most popular social network. If the guys who came up with twitter gave up the project after a month or two and looked for something else, they would have got better short term results. They’d even think that they something right, easy and efficient. But when you think about the long term results, it’s the worst thing you can decide to do. When thinking about ease and efficiency: Think long; Think far.

Peer catalysts

When you are with certain kinds of people, you feel a big push from behind you. These people make you test your limits and finally you’ll break your own limits. Being with them will make you evolve faster. You’ll explore yourself more and more. They will bring you questions and enigmas and they will share their great realizations with you. You’ll also find a great deal of tips by being with them. When you come across these kinds of peers, give them maximum priority in your human interaction for the sake of your own good. They will be your catalysts. Not having catalysts is not a problem. But having as much as possible is the wisest choice.

Never carry dead bodies Never cry for them...

nerdygreatness: Never
 Never carry dead bodies
 Never cry for them...

Never Never carry dead bodies Never cry for them Never sing lullabies to unborn child Never laugh for him

Just be in"now"The present,thenDead bodies will be goneUnborn child will be born                               -The Greatest

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Multi-ways: Learn from CoD and Transformers

There are multiple ways of doing doing the same thing. If something worked for you, you can try doing the same thing in a different way. Don't be shy to do it. Of course this will lower the quality of your content. But the real deal is neither about the quality nor quantity. It's about the impact you create. Just think about Call of Duty games. They are simply doing the same thing over and over again. It's the same with Transformers and all the other Michael Bay movies.

                                    Michael Bay did this awesome movie called The Island and it was pretty much his least successful movie. I can easily give it a 9/10. It's that great. But it was something else that worked for Michael Bay. Don't be trapped in this originality labyrinth. If something worked, try it in a different way. It'll be like playing Deus Ex in different ways. You won't go on for a long time like this. But you will surely make a lot earned for yourself like this. Learn to recycle your ideas and creations. They can be very very helpful.

The Most Profound Moment in Gaming: MGS2 AI Conversation Analysis Part 2

So how was the first part? I know that it made you think. Here... I'm giving you some more to realize. Make this video ignite your mind and keep thinking. The real value of this post is discovered after you do your thinking. This video will point out some real hard to swallow stuff (for average minds). Don't run away. Don't defend or hide like a pussy. Think beyond this little few minutes of revelation. Push this conversation deeper and deeper. You' come up with even better revelations and something much much greater.............

You will discover solutions and you will  evolve due to your own realization. All I can do is make you think. So think and discover thing that are deep within you. The enlightenment is within you. Try the hyperlinks for more.

The Most Profound Moment in Gaming: MGS2 AI Conversation Analysis Part 1

If you haven't play the game or watched the cutscenes, I strongly recommend not to watch this. SPOILER ALERT!!!

If you still have second thoughts about seeing the story from the beginning, go ahead. Then you'd watch the whole thing from the beginning. I won't talk hear cuz there is a lot for you to think. Learn from the AIs and evolve yourselves. Being Human 1.0 sucks. It's plain pathetic. Take the rational side. Dispel irrationalism at all cost. I can give you big reasons. But how about doing it in order to stop being totally pathetic and retarded......

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack (Full)

If you want something great to listen to; try this one out. It's one of the best game soundtracks ever. Just go for the main theme. If you liked it, listen to the whole thing. If it's not your thing (which is very unlikely to happen) you can skip this. But share this with your friends. Many would drool for something like this.

I'm also putting the trailer of the game. See if you would like it. The game is from Square Enix. Expect beautiful visuals!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Steve Jobs' most inspiring Speech !!

Something you already (delude that you) Know

You've heard this and you know this perfectly well. But how much of it is incorporated into your life. People mindlessly go after daily doses of motivation but never owns that motivation/realization for themselves. Some simple things have a great depth. Just meditate on this pic for 30-40 mins. You'd be shocked at your own realization about these few words which you thought you knew to the depth. The quotes you see around has dozens of times the depth than you actually think. Take your time and explore these things and know the extent of the simple words you just happen to overlook after some cheap motivation. 

Finally do the most important thing>> Take what you discover to the next level.

Hazardous morality

You might be asking: why is it so bad?

What's bad is not the immediate outcome. What's disastrous is what happens in the long run.

As long as we stick to all sorts of morality, we are not doing great/noble things out of the goodness of our hearts. We are just following a code. After some time, people will forget the true meaning of noble acts and they will be trapped by dogma. The essence of goodness will go extinct. The world will be left with an empty husk. That's why we all have to rid ourselves from morality and act on our own reason and insight. Then we won't lose the track of the true greatness.

Metal Gear Solid 4 -The Movie

One of the greatest games ever and also one of the greatest stories ever told. Enjoy >> Push your limits >> Transform your lives.

Jotting Down

I'm just jotting down random stuff on this blog. Does these things matter to you? Is that even a question to ask? Do you see any dumbness in that question? The truth is you can learn something from any kind of crap. The amount you learn can change, but you'll always learn something from anything if you look at it in the right way. 

The stuff I type are just a bunch of tips and hints from me. Whether they are useful or not depends on your approach to these random notes. Start to see through everything you come across. You will realize a great deal of things. All that can be told are lies. The truth can be only understood. The truth is within you. You just have to ignite yourself  to realize that.