Monday, October 27, 2014

Ditch the vacation or ditch the job

Get serious about your work. Ask yourself how you’d spend the day if it is your last day. Follow those instincts. Don’t follow what society or religion or culture or whatever asks you to do. DO your own thinking. DO what you love. If you truly love your job you would only get away from your work when you are in an emergency. You need a holiday when you are sick. But you can’t be waiting for a holiday to take a break from your work. 

When you truly love something, you never feel tired or bored or frustrated as long as you don’t push yourself too hard. Steve Jobs loved his work more than anything. Mark Zuckerberg threw away his college life for Facebook. See where they are. They went there because they loved what they did. The starting steps are the hardest of all. When you are a billionaire nothing is a problem. But to go there, you have to go from nothing. Being a guy with some job is 1000 times easier than holding onto something you love with your life. But if you hold on long enough, the long term effects will be better than your most loved fantasies.