Monday, October 27, 2014

Ease and Efficiency: long version

Everybody wants to do everything in the easiest and the most efficient way (if they are not braindead). But many pseudo-smart people end up with the wrong choice. You have to look into the upcoming decades when you take a decision. You are not some dog who is gonna die in few years. You are gonna live long. SO when you think of ease or efficiency, look at the huge timeline. I personally think for at least the next 30 years before I take a decision.
 Just coming up with a plan to “deal” with the problem may seem easier if you are short sighted. But if you take 30-40 years into consideration, it’s the worst decision you can take. Twitter didn't work for 2 years. But the creators kept going and currently it is the 2nd most popular social network. If the guys who came up with twitter gave up the project after a month or two and looked for something else, they would have got better short term results. They’d even think that they something right, easy and efficient. But when you think about the long term results, it’s the worst thing you can decide to do. When thinking about ease and efficiency: Think long; Think far.